Sean Plunket resigns from Broadcasting Standards Authority




Broadcaster Sean Plunket has resigned from the board of the Broadcasting Standards Authority after making controversial remarks on social media.

Sean Plunket

Sean Plunket.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Karora

In a statement today Plunket said: "In the interests of the smooth running of the Broadcasting Standards Authority I have chosen to resign my position as a member of the BSA board."

"I wish the board well in its important work in ensuring that the broadcast media in this country adhere to practices which do not harm society in general or individuals in particular," he said.

BSA Chairman Peter Radich said the BSA respected Plunket's decision and wished him well for the future.

On Wednesday, Plunket tweeted "Anyone else feeling for Harvey Weinstein?", sparking condemnation.

He later said it was a "little social experiment", then condemned Hollywood producer Weinstein, who is embroiled in a sex scandal.

Last month the Electoral Commission received complaints after Plunket appeared to tweet in support of The Opportunities Party on election day. 

Campaigning on election day is prohibited.

He was working as the press secretary for Gareth Morgan's party at the time.

The BSA is an independent government agency that regulates broadcasting standards.

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