Watch: 'Belgium is grateful... we will always remember you' – Belgium's princess honours sacrifice of Kiwi soldiers in WWI




Prince William was greeted to the Passchendaele ceremony with a hongi from Willie Apiata, as Princess Astrid of Belgium thanked New Zealanders for their sacrifice when her country was destroyed by war at centenary commemorations in Belgium overnight.

On October 12, 1917, 960 Kiwi soldiers were killed at Passchendaele, Belgium, in the greatest single-day loss of life for NZ in modern history.
Source: 1 NEWS

The ceremony was to commemorate the 960 Kiwi soldiers who were killed or mortally wounded in the Battle of Passchendaele, on October 12, 1917 near Ypres, Belgium. 

The pair spoke briefly at the resting place of 512 Kiwis who lost their lives in the battle.
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Princess Astrid and Prince William both gave passionate speeches about Kiwi soldiers at the event.

"Belgium is grateful, thank you New Zealand, we will always remember you," Princess Astrid said.

Prince William said often the soldiers of WWI are described as ordinary men but "there was nothing ordinary about their service or sacrifice". 

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On October 12, 1917 843 NZ soldiers were killed and 1860 wounded in the battle in Belgium during the First World War.
Source: 1 NEWS

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